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So Camp is over. Now What?

You had a successful run with LASER CAMP. Students are inspired, parents are excited, and instructors are proud. But now you have this great laser system and don't know what to do with it. Are you going to let it sit on the shelf and collect dust? No!

It's time to put it to work for you!

Because the complete laser system is very portable it can be used throughout the year in a variety of ways:

  • Start a LASER CLUB (read more on our Laser Club post)

  • Auditorium Events

  • School Dances

  • Dynamic Laser Billboards

  • Holiday Celebrations

  • Sports Pep Rallies

  • Promotions

  • Introductions

  • Talent Shows

  • Beam Effects

The LASER CAMP system can be an essential part of your events department and provides a sense of school pride and commitment to the shared goals of your school or institution.

The RGB laser is 1.7 mW and is perfect for an indoor environment and is not suitable for outdoor use, however, with the addition of fog machines, you can produce full-color, stunning beam effects in your auditorium!

Light up the skies with cool overhead laser beams to add a 3-D effect to your event or presentation.

The equipment for Laser Camp can be used in so many ways, greatly increasing its value for the institution that has purchased it. From displaying your school and sponsor logos on a gymnasium wall at the start or end of sporting events to performing special effects during a school concert, we expect that "can you bring the Laser for XYZ?" will become a regular question to the Laser Team!

The simplest upgrade to LASER CAMP is to purchase a second laser and a fog machine. This will allow you to create beam effects while also generating laser imagery and as a bonus, provide you with a second system to expand your camp/club offerings.

If you would like to produce laser shows and beam effects for an outdoor environment, then the next upgrade is to explore our higher wattage laser systems.

AudioVisual Imagineering - the company behind Laser Camp - has been in the laser display industry since 1978. We can help you achieve your laser dreams by recommending the right equipment, supplies, and training to do it safely yourself.

Please contact us for further information.

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