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bringing SCIENCE & ART together


Science & Art together

LASER CAMP provides all you need to deliver fun and exciting STEAM camps and enrichment activities, for a variety of ages, that explore the science of lasers and light and the art of creative laser show production.

We supply suggested camp course materials, teacher instructions, laser show production software, the laser system, laser safety training, and the equipment for the laser camp activities.

A key part of Laser Camp is you! Our community of users engage in our LASER CAMP Forum to help each other with lesson ideas, club activities, hints, tips, and to share graphic and abstract imagery for show production.

All student produced laser shows are eligible to be entered into our nationwide LASER CAMP Laser Show Design Contest! 


Experiment in  LASER & LIGHT

Students will learn about the scientific fundamentals of laser light through instruction and hands-on activities. These laser experiments inspire cooperative team-building opportunities, focusing on the science of lasers and light, how it works, what makes it unique, and how lasers are used every day.

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Activity Supplies

We supply suggested camp plans and materials, including copy-ready student worksheets, and our teacher instructions manual. LASER CAMP provides all necessary equipment for our experiments  - red, green, and violet student-safe "laser pointers", lenses, mirrors, mounts, and experiment projection foam board. The complete package of materials are sold in units of 10.


LASER SHOW Design Software

LASER CAMP comes with QuickShow, a powerful yet easy to use laser show production software along with the required FB3QS hardware. Students can get amazing results in just minutes using QuickShow. The software includes nearly 2,000 pre-programmed laser animations, graphics and the ability to create custom imagery, words, school logos and more!


LASER System

LASER CAMP supplies a full color RGB diode-based FDA certified laser projector. At 1.7W it has the power to produce beautiful, bright high-resolution laser graphics, logos and text.

We take safety seriously - and so do you. We will provide laser safety training to your lead instructor as a designated "Laser Safety Officer" to ensure the safety of all students.



All LASER CAMP students will have the opportunity to enter their laser show creations in our national Laser Show Competition! Categories include the best in: Show Design, Use of Animation, Graphics, Music Interpretation, Most Unique, and Custom Made Abstract Imagery.

All winners will receive an award and will be recognized on our website and newsletter!



We invite all participating members to encourage students to form their own LASER CLUB as a unique and exciting after school activity to continue exploring their creative use of lasers in Laser Show Design AND help support school activities like:

- pep rallies, sporting events, auditorium events, holiday celebrations, and even school dances!


Price Includes:

  • RGB Laser

  • Laser Show Production Software

  • Laser Setup and Safety Guide

  • Training

  • Activity Supplies

  • Lesson Plans

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