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  • What training do I need?
    LASER CAMP comes with a comprehensive training manual, as well as access to online tutorials, for all instructors and you designated Laser Safety Officer. LASER CAMP doesn't require a specific science background, although science and physics teachers will be most familiar with the concepts.
  • Do I need any kind of permit or license for the laser?
    Yes. LASER CAMP will obtain a variance from the FDA for laser shows at your site. This variance must be renewed annually which is covered by our annual subscription. More information on this variance and US Laws relating to laser shows can be found here.
  • What computer hardware/software do I have to provide?
    We recommend that the instructor have access to a computer connected to a video projector or large monitor for classroom use. A laptop dedicated for use with the primary performance laser will provide the greatest flexibility. Minimum computer requirements for using Pangolin QuickShow software: ● PC Notebook or Desktop with quad core processor such as Intel i5, 2.5GHz or better ● 4Gb of RAM or more ● Intel graphics card HD 4000 or better ● Windows 7 (32 or 64) Bit or higher ● 5 Gb free disk space ● One available USB port for the FB3/dongle
  • What else can I do with LASER CAMP?
    The primary performance laser and the software used to produce laser shows can be used for many purposes: After School Laser Club Science Fair demonstrations Theatrical and musical events and performances Indoor events with cool laser effects and messages such as acknowledgment of donors and sponsor logos Sporting Events
  • What grades/ages is LASER CAMP for?
    LASER CAMP covers concepts in physics (optics, nature of light, etc.) and also requires a degree of maturity to be aware of laser safety. For this reason, we recommend that the lowest grade/age for LASER CAMP is 6th grade or age 12. The components of LASER CAMP allow for activities and production up to the college level.
  • What facilities do I need?
    The hands on activities and experiments requires a room that ideally can be darkened to enable students to make better observations. Tables and chairs or lab benches will be ideal for setting up the activities. The programming for laser shows is done on computers and access to a suitable computer lab will be needed. Details of the hardware/software needed are to be found in this FAQ. The primary performance laser can be used within such a computer lab provided there is a suitable surface such as a pull down screen or non reflective white board.
  • Is LASER CAMP safe?
    The first and primary instruction of LASER CAMP is laser safety. The hands-on lasers used by the students in LASER CAMP are all .5mW and are considered safe. LASER CAMP uses a high-powered Class IV laser which requires an official variance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and laser safety training. Audio Visual Imagineering, Inc. (AVI), the producer of LASER CAMP, works with the FDA on your behalf to provide an approved variance for your institution. AVI has worked with the FDA for over 45 years and has maintained an unblemished laser safety record. This is a result of our strict adherence to FDA laser safety standards for ourselves and our customers. You can read more about laser safety at the International Laser Display Association Laser Safety Website here.
  • What does LASER CAMP cost?
    LASER CAMP - $7495 Includes: RGB Laser Laser Show Production Software Laser Setup and Safety Guide Training Activity Supplies Lesson Plans
  • Can you help with grant writing?
    We are happy to provide access to images, videos and standard copy for use in grant applications. Please check out our Posts page to find articles that include relevant information and links to download useful materials.
  • Is there any financing available to help my organization afford LASER CAMP?
    Please contact us to discuss. We evaluate requests on a case by case basis.
  • What does the annual subscription include?
    The annual subscription of $995: FDA site variance access to technical support extended warranty for the performance laser software updates training support for new camp leaders access to discounted additional classroom kits and supplies discounts on additional lasers, accessories and services from AudioVisual Imagineering
  • I need some replacements. How do I get them?
    Replacement items can be purchased by calling or emailing us.
  • What warranties come with Laser Camp?
    The primary performance laser is warranted for one year. The annual subscription covers the laser for the additional year.
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