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Our Vision


The History

Since 1978, AVI has been the leader in creating entertaining and educational laser light shows for planetariums, corporate events, sporting events amusement parks worldwide. AVI has pioneered some of the most innovative, artistic and technical techniques for the domed theater industry.

AVI was the first laser company to use sequential animation in planetarium laser shows. AVI introduced the world to 3-D laser shows for planetariums. AVI also developed and patented SkyLase, full-dome (360 x 180 degree) full color laser projection technology. Expanding on their patented technology, AVI developed Omnistar for presenting laser shows filling an entire spherical surface and Discoscan for exciting 360 degree mid-air laser beam effects.

AVI produced the first full done 2D animated production, Legends of the Night Sky: Orion. AVI's most recent productions The Weather and The Moon, the latter used in a variety of planetarium research papers.


AVI's prestigious client list includes: Walt Disney World Company, Universal Studios, Orange Bowl Halftime Committee, Canadian Summer Games, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Six Flags, Jacksonville Jaguars, Citibank, Public Relations Society of America, Konica Minolta, The (U.S.) President's Committee, Planetariums, Science Centers, and Museums worldwide.

The Future

AVI is committed to introducing children of all backgrounds and demographics to the exciting world of lasers and laser show production with LASER CAMP! With its roots in science, no other media can deliver such intense, colorful and dynamic images, produced so quickly and with relative ease.

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to be inspired to design and create individually and as a team, to witness their vision come to "light" in full color in ways never done before.

Students who complete LASER CAMP may be inspired to explore other opportunities in video and film production, artistic design and animation, live event production... endless possibilities.

Our goal is to have the students form Laser Clubs for their schools, producing shows for pep rallies, sporting events, celebrating holiday events and more!

Who will be the next  artist and producer in your community?

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