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Laser Clubs: the New Cool Kids

Once struck by the "laser bug", many students will naturally want to create more laser shows.

Take advantage of the opportunity to harness their talents and enthusiasm by developing a Laser Club! Whether meeting after hours or during an assigned course, students can continue to explore their creativity individually and as a team.

In LASER CAMP students learned to use the QuickShow laser show design software - but they only scratched the surface. The software provides thousands of pre-created laser cues (animations, still graphics, and abstract imagery), however, with some creative effort, talented artists can produce their own animations as well as dynamic abstract imagery with the built-in abstract generator. Each show can be an entirely unique individual creation. The possibilities are limitless.

Your institution can host its own competition to showcase each individual effort or perhaps the school's talent show can include laser show entries. Each laser module can be compiled as a complete laser show production, which can then be shown to an audience (and perhaps even a paying audience). Bring out the popcorn!

Of course each laser show creation can be entered into our nation-wide LASER CAMP laser show competition.

And while creating laser shows is fun, doing them for specific purpose makes it even more exciting. Add lasers to your next event! Create dynamic billboards, celebrate sporting events and holiday celebrations (we explore other uses of the laser system in another post). The Laser Club can be an essential part of your events department and provide club members with a sense of cohesive unity and commitment to shared values and goals.

Laser Camp has a number of resources to help you establish a thriving club. Please contact us to explore the possibilities.

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