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Grants: Making the Case for Laser Camp

While it is not uncommon to need to purchase equipment and supplies to deliver a camp, we recognize that many Camp Directors will need to make the case for Laser Camp to either their administration or to external funding agencies.

As you write your proposals, feel free to cut and paste any of the text from this website or reach out if you have a specific clarification or question. We can also supply any of the images on this website - just contact us to ask! It may also be possible for us to generate an image for you - perhaps your school logo done with a laser. Availability of our team to help would be on a case by case basis.

In the spirit of further helping make the case, here are our top thoughts.

Laser Camp is a genuine STEAM activity.

The STEAM nature of Laser Camp allows it to be considered for funding across departments at an institution (science, art, music, performance, computing). Enlist your colleagues to help make the case and split the cost across your budgets!

Further, the interdisciplinary nature of the Camp makes it attractive to a diverse range of potential funders and sponsors. Your City may have funds available for projects that involve local musicians or artists if you include them in your camp or activities. Your local Community Foundation should be able to help brainstorm local grant opportunities that could be relevant or any donor advised funds that they manage.

Laser Camp stands out from the crowd.

Local businesses may be interested in sponsorship given the potential for brand exposure at performances to parents and stakeholders and/or the high likelihood of interesting local press in colorful images and stories around students doing cool things.

Laser Camp generates revenue.

If you intend to run more than a couple of weeks of Laser Camp each year, then the economics are likely positive for your institution from the first year. Given the very few consumables needed, Laser Camp can be a significant revenue generator for your institution in subsequent years. While some institutions may need to purchase some computers to get set up, these can be used for multiple purposes.

Laser Camp is an institutional resource.

The equipment used for Laser Camp can be used in an after-school or youth group weekly club, greatly increasing its value for the institution that has purchased it. From displaying your school and sponsor logos on a gymnasium wall at the start or end of sporting events to performing special effects during a school concert, we expect that "can you bring the Laser for XYZ?" will become a regular question to the Laser Safety Officer! This flexibility may provide some additional avenues for funding - theatrical and performance grants and budgets, or sporting event funds.

Good luck with your efforts!

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